Our site will be undergoing some changes as we close our brick and mortar shoppe and transition e-commerce from Goodsie to Shopify. We apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you!

Gift Registry Info

Yes, indeed, we do offer a gift registry—for any occasion, not just weddings. The online store is somewhat limited right now, but we're expanding it every day.

Creating a Registry

Right now you can't create a registry by selecting items for a cart or wishlist. But don't fret. Send us a list of items, and we'll manually upload a personal registry for you that your friends and family can use to shop. You can just cut and paste the product names into an email, or whatever works best for you. (You can also use an online service like myregistry.com.) We're happy to help by phone, email, or in person.

Shopping a Registry

Click on +SHOP A REGISTRY+. Then click the "Category" and use the drop-down menu at the top of the product showcase to select the registry you're looking for.

You can also copy and paste "www.urbanmercantile.com" into your browser's address bar, and then add a slash followed by the couple's last names arranged alphabetically and hyphenated. 

For example: "www.urbanmercantile.com/jones-smith"

Shipping Gifts

We're happy to deliver gifts to the couple free of charge. And we'll hold gifts for pick up later. In the check-out process, choose US in the "Destination" menu, then choose CA as the state, and finally, select No Shipping: Local Pick Up / Gift Registry Pick Up.

Items purchased from registries are always gift-wrapped free of charge. 

If you have any questions or need any assistance making a purchase from an online selection, we're here to help. Please call 415.643.6372 during business hours. Or email us anytime at info@urbanmercantile.com.