About: UM

Urban Mercantile is the brainchild of Bradley Dean Burch. Hey, that's me! In 2001, I was your typical frustrated-with-the-corporate-world, burned-out-urban-slave. I had earned my stripes as an art director, acting as the liaison between designers and clients. But I took the leap from a secure freelance workaday career for something radically different—wait for it—developing relations between designers and clients. And I opened a store! I parlayed my understanding of an artist's abilities or the parameters of production and matched them to the demands of the consumer to bring products with integrity to the marketplace.

Still going strong after more than a decade, Urban Mercantile is one of San Francisco's—and now the web's—most unique purveyors of sublime and refined goods and gifts. I rely on local and worldwide talent as well as American small manufacturers to make up the bounty of my edited collection. In my store you'll find some of the best products you can buy without breaking the bank. 

My specialty is sourcing sumptuous linens for the bed and bath, and comforting textiles for dining, decorating, and decompressing. Everyone knows when serving a meal the presentation is just as important as the preparation! So I stock a variety of ceramics and glass perfect for the host, the collector, the flower arranger, or the gift-giver extraordinaire. And for the paper lover in pursuit of purity and clarity of design, I offer an unmatched selection of stationery.

Visit us at the bricks and mortar or the point and click, either way I hope you'll be surprised and delighted.

Thank you!